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To solve a complicated health puzzle you need all the parties working together.

Let us empower you with a comprehensive plan.

Our plan lets you enjoy life to the full extent, be prepared for all challenges and be on track for a quality and long life you deserve.

The highest probability of success of accomplishing your health goals requires accounting of your risks vs. benefits.  We deliver a specific path to a healthy freedom.

Consumers are increasingly more health conscious, and they continue to look for convenient, tasty, life-style friendly functional foods and beverages. 

Probiotic-fortified food and beverage products for children, athletes, women and active seniors have gained popularity lately. 

A major problem in the probiotic marketplace is the confusion between label claims and the effectiveness of probiotic products to deliver the desired benefits.

A probiotic product that works wonderfully for one person might not work as well for somebody else.

PROBEBiome provides a verified measure of prebiotic and probioitc products, without having to second-guess their value.


To select a commercial probiotic product, ProbeBiome helps you:

1. Look at all the scientific evidence for which combinations of microbes are most likely to be useful;
2. Use your own microbiome test results for beneficial evidence;
3. Look for customer reviews about specific commercial products that contain probiotic species you want to try;
4. Let your body, with the help of microbiological tests, tell you about the usefulness of the product.




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